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Add support for socks proxy

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I have started using Enpass to store and sync all my passwords and works perfectly.

It is great that I can use it on Android, too.

However, at work, cloud storage sites are blocked by an internal proxy, and I have setup a socks proxy to bypass it.

I would like to be able to specify this socks proxy to the Enpass desktop application, so that in can backup to the cloud.

At the moment, only http proxy are supported (as I tried with my socks proxy but it did not work)


Thanks in advance

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As a workaround, I'm using Privoxy to forward the http traffic to my socks proxy. Just add this line to the privoxy config file:

forward-socks5 / localhost:12345 .

where 12345 is your socks proxy port. Note the dot at the end of the line. Then you can use:

in Enpass http proxy (8118 is the default port for Privoxy).

I hope you find this useful :)

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