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  1. I moved back to the original time zone and it synced again without problems...
  2. Hi, I've just tried what you said. I'm using a normal Onedrive account. I restored the database via WiFi and it worked. I now have the passwords on my Android device. However sync to Onedrive still doesn't work. I tried Google Drive and it works. The time zone is set to auto on both Windows and Android. I don't know what else to try.
  3. I now even tried this: Made a backup Deleted all data from phone, computer and Onedrive Restored the backup on the computer Synced the computer to Onedrive Tried to connect to Onedrive from Android: same error
  4. Thanks for the reply. I can confirm I have only one file on the Onedrive Enpass Folder (see picture). Time is set automatically on both my computer and my phone, which are on the same local network. I'm using Enpass v5.6.9 on Android 8.0 on my Samsung Galaxy S9+. The computer version is from the Microsoft Store, latest version as well: 5.8.19 (5548). What might be worth saying is that I travelled a few days ago and the time zone changed, and I'm having the problem since then. But both machines are on the same time zone now, and the Desktop version syncs without problems.
  5. Any news on this? I'm unable to use Enpass from my phone. No support?
  6. I've been using Enpass for several months without problems, but earlier today I started seeing this problem when syncing from the Android app. The windows app works perfectly. I already uninstalled Enpass from my Android device without success. Can anyone help me?
  7. I'm an Enpass Android user, enjoying the full version, and synchronising passwords between Android, Linux, and Windows. I was wondering what is the point of Enpass UWP now that Windows Phone is being discontinued, because you need the Enpass Password Manager in order to get the browser extensions to work. Don't get me wrong, I know people are still using Windows Phone out there and can't just be left out, so I just wonder if it makes sense for someone like me to buy it. I'm asking because I don't want to buy it to find out that Enpass 6 will superseed this version. At the same time, it would be a good way of further supporting your work. Is there any advantage for someone like me to use the Enpass UWP version on the destkop? I would totally go for it if I didn't need the free version for the browser extensions, but I don't want to have 2 apps for the same thing. Also, what will happen to both versions of Enpass once Enpass 6 is released?
  8. As a workaround, I'm using Privoxy to forward the http traffic to my socks proxy. Just add this line to the privoxy config file: forward-socks5 / localhost:12345 . where 12345 is your socks proxy port. Note the dot at the end of the line. Then you can use: in Enpass http proxy (8118 is the default port for Privoxy). I hope you find this useful
  9. Hi! I have started using Enpass to store and sync all my passwords and works perfectly. It is great that I can use it on Android, too. However, at work, cloud storage sites are blocked by an internal proxy, and I have setup a socks proxy to bypass it. I would like to be able to specify this socks proxy to the Enpass desktop application, so that in can backup to the cloud. At the moment, only http proxy are supported (as I tried with my socks proxy but it did not work) Thanks in advance
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