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Can't sync to Synology with WebDAV

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I am currently testing Enpass and I am highly interested in purchasing the mobile version, if the sync is working fine with my Synology NAS.

I want to two-way sync my database with all the devices, which I want to use Enpass.


  1. I activated WebDAV on my Synology and it's running
  2. The Synology user which I want to use for sync has read and edit permission
  3. When I try to connect it says (translated from German) "No connection to the given WebDAV-folder could be established".

My URL is: https://IP.OF.MY.NAS:5006/nameofthenas/folder1


What does it mean? Something wrong with URL? Something wrong with Synology? What is missing?

Unfortunately, there is no documentation or how-to how to connect/sync Enpass with Synology NAS.


Many thanks!

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