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Import Keychain Apple password

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Hi ! I'm an user of mac os x (with bootcamp windows) I have an iPad but I sell my iPhone and i use an Android phone for my password I use Keychain Apple but it don't compatible with my Android :-( 

I want to use Enpass because I prefer to buy it one time ;-) I don't want an subscription all the time. 

I want to import my Keychain ? I do export with a command terminal my keychain in format txt I can't to import in Enpass !? I convert to Csv but again I can't to import too !!! 

What the method to import my Keychain Apple ? Thank's


ps : sorry for my langage I'm French

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This is very similar to the same issue I have.

This is my first time using a 3rd party password management software, because I've been on all apple devices before (so Keychain served my purposes quite well) but I'm migrating from OS X to W10 (staying on iOS) and I would like to import my data from my keychain (on my iPhone) to enpass (iOS so I can sync it to my enPass desktop).


Is this going to be a feature anytime soon, or should I block out a couple of hours on my schedule for manual data entry?

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I'm replying to an older topic, so those who end up here with the same question at least have a starting point.

First of all, the Enpass user manual has a section on Importing data from other softwares. Unfortunately, Apple Keychain is not mentioned. The reason seems that it is non-trivial to export data from the Keychain. Other password managers, like 1Password, also don't have a recipe for migrating passwords from the Keychain to their application. That said, there are ways to export data from the Keychain. The best on is a bit technical, at http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/137250/export-keychains. After you have made the export, you can import with the methods described in the Enpass user manual. Feel free to report here if this is successful for you.

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