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I want to move my one time lifetime purchase from one email id registered to another


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Hi Team, I want to transfer my one time purchase from one registered email ID to another email ID. I am currently not using the old email I used to purchase encase so I want to move the purchase to a different email id. Please let me know how can I proceed? I've sent an email to the official but haven't received a reply yet! Thanks, Chetan

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5 hours ago, Abhishek Dewan said:


我们请求您通过support@enpass.io 与我们联系,我们的团队将很乐意协助您解决此请求。此外,如果您之前曾就同样问题联系过我们,您一定已收到以“ECS-XXXXXX”开头的票证 ID。也请分享一下。

Hello! I've added it in the email I sent you! I found my proof of purchase! If you receive the email, please process it. Thank you.

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