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Enpass 6 Scaling Issues

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The Enpass6 application does not scale appropriately with the system scaling setting.

I am using it on Surface Pro 4 with 150% scaling and it looks huge compared to other applications (see attached images). The scaling seems to tally with the 200% (default) system scaling. Please fix this.

Also, it would be nice if the window is made responsive. For example, collapse the panes if the window is resized to a smaller dimension (right now, the window cannot be resized smaller than a certain size, which is very large).

I hope you'll address these issues in a future beta release.




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I concur with Asmit's comments. There is no difference in the Enpass window size and text between 150 and 200% and collapse the pain is too large.  However there appears to be a difference in the behaviour of the restarted program between selecting x to close  the window and selecting exit from the 3 bar menu.  If exit is selected then the program remembers the window size when reopened and then if maximise then minimise, remembers the previous size.

Also if close program by using exit from hamburger menu then windows hello does not appear and have to use password.

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