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My feedback on Enpass 6 beta


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My feedback/questions for the Enpass 6 beta for Windows.

  1. The UI is too little on my UHD monitor (3840x2160). Need to add option for high resolution display.
  2. Highlight the item count number as in Enpass 5 to make it more visible.
  3. I'd like import some backup data of Enpass 5 for test, but i'm unable to do it.
  4. Add option to change the hamburger menu in a classic menu bar.
  5. How do you use the TOTP field? For many services that I use I need to enter a One Time password via mobile app or physical digipass.
  6. Let's hope a French version will be up for the final stable version of Enpass 6.
  7. Can you add a function (if possible) for warn the user if the URL is https or http? Just put the url with http in red as with a weak password.

Thank and continue the great work.

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