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Windows Hello should not need an extra mouse click


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I don't know if there is any option for this, I didn't found any.

I really love windows hello for the app and especially for the browser extension, but this "one extra mouse click" to activate windows hello is annoying.

I usually have set a shortcut for enpass in the browser and for the app. Now I can press the shortcut and start typing in my password or PIN but I can't instantly use my Fingerprint to unlock. 

I need to use my mouse to click on the hello icon to start the process and this really sucks.

If it's not possible to do this with an additional interaction, why no "key" for that or why not something like: When you didn't type any char / number but you are pressing "enter" it starts windows hello? 

If it is possible but you think it can annoy some people, why don't do this as an option for users who wants that?

And btw on my PC with a TPM chip I still need to type my password after reboot, this isn't the case with the UWP app. Is this planned too? 


Thats my feedback for windows hello, thanks for that nice feature and for enpass 6 general.





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I would love Enpass to just show me the Windows Hello screen whenever it wants to be unlocked. So when I open the app, the assistant, use the extension button in the browser or hit the autofill key shortcut, I should immediately be asked for my Windows Hello authentication, without pressing any buttons. I think for most people that have Windows Hello login enabled, this would be the preferred way to go, but if you think people will be annoyed by it, making it a separate option is fine too.

15 hours ago, djohannes said:

And btw on my PC with a TPM chip I still need to type my password after reboot, this isn't the case with the UWP app.

And it would indeed be awesome if Windows Hello would stay enabled after a reboot!

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