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  1. Doh. Please delete. Just realized the install browser extension within the app still leads to the old 5.0 extension rather than the 6.0 one in the beta downloads. It's now working.
  2. I can't get the browser extension to work on Firefox. I'm using the Windows Store beta on Win10 with Firefox 64. I've installed the Enpass native messaging host. The weird thing is this same setup works on my desktop also running the same OS and version. I've tried uninstallling/reinstalling multiple times. Both the desktop app and the browser extension.
  3. I get this error too occasionally. However it doesn't seem to actually affect the operation of Enpass. New passwords still get synced across my devices.
  4. I would also like to see this for Windows. Have Windows Hello be the default if it's enabled without having to click on the smiley icon.
  5. I'm also experiencing this with Dolphin browser. It will only fill in the password field but not the username/email. I have "Autofill Using Keyboard and Notification" turned on. I'm using a Galaxy S7 on stock Oreo and I've only once seen the Enpass Autofill popup which I presume is from the Android O framework. However this only works if the Autofill Using Keyboard option is turned off. Otherwise I have to tap the notification icon and half the time I have to tap the notification icon repeatedly before it brings up the app.
  6. Sbug

    Minimize to taskbar

    I'm using the Beta 2 of the Traditional Windows Enpass 6. Under General. I only have Run -> Open Automatically at System Startup. It does minimize to tray once it's started but I want it to start minimized. Also the option to NOT prompt to save passwords isn't working. Every time I login to a website that isn't in Enpass I get a popup window.
  7. I would like to see the option to minimize to taskbar on launch. When windows starts up I don't want the full app in my face on the desktop.
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