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Enpass Master-Password does not work when I try to enable iCloud sync

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Hi and sorry for my bad english.

I really hope someone can help me... When I want to enable iCloud Sync, I can't get past the Master-Password prompt. I 100% sure that I use the correct Password (the Enpass-Master-Password), but that window to enter the Password will show up for ever. I don't know what to do, I need the iCloud sync.


What I use:

Enpass Pro 5.5.8 (fresh Installation)

iOS 11.4.1

iPhone 6S


If there is no solution, is there a way to return the Pro-Version license? Because in this state, the software is useless for me.

Thank you very much for your help!


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Hi @FFido

Sorry for the unpleasant experience. Please try these steps and let us know whether your problem gets resolved or not.

  • Turn off sync from all devices.
  • Open iCloud Drive in any Browser --> Open Enpass Folder --> Select sync_default.walletx file --> Download and save it in your PC.
  • Delete sync_default.walletx file from iCloud Drive.
  • Open Enpass and turn ON the sync one by one in both devices.

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