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.csv Schema for Data Import

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I have over 100 entries in an iAccount/iBackup password database. I can export the data as a .csv file, but Enpass does not parse the records on import. I ended up with one Enpass record for each entry, each containing the full csv record as a string. Is there a schema describing the expected record format and field headers? The raw data could be manipulated using Excel or Numbers to fit the needed format.

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Hi @Gordon Keehn,

The best workaround at the moment is to create your own custom CSV by editing the iAccount/iBackup password exported file. Open that in a spreadsheet program and copy columns to a new CSV with format described in this FAQ

After that you will be able to import your passwords using Generic CSV importer.

P.S. - Though we are working on a better CSV importer but I can't confirm any ETA for that.

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Thanks, Anshu

iBackup generates what I would consider a standard .csv, with field labels in the first row and data values for one record in each succeeding row. to manipulate it into the form that Enpass can accept would require a programmed approach. Oh, for the days when any problem could be solved by GWBASIC and a few hours.


Gordon Keehn

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