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TOTP autofill issue


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OS: elementaryOS 0.4.1 (Ubuntu 16.04)
Browser: Firefox 62.0
Enpass: 6.0.0 (105)

TOTP autofill didn't work for sites neither Nextcloud instances nor popular ones like Github.

On Windows machines I didn't notice such behavior with Enpass (version 5, so no beta!).
Any ideas?

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Hi @wirebug,

Thanks for writing in.

I would like to share that current version of Enpass(5) autofill only Username/Email/ Password fields, while all other fields would remain empty. However, you can enable Automatically Copy TOTP after autofill option in Enpass browser settings, which will auto-copy the TOTP from the item to clipboard after autofilling your login details. You just have to paste it into the required field and go!


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Hi @Anshu kumar,

thanks for pointing that out. However, I already enabled Automatically Copy TOTP after autofill option in the browser settings. As I don't know how Enpass tracks down TOTP inputs, it might be related to an Linux issue. As I found out TOTP autofill didn't work under stable Enpass 5 (on OS: elementaryOS 0.4.1 (Ubuntu 16.04), Browser: Firefox 62.0 & Automatically Copy TOTP after autofill option enabled), as well. So this isn't mainly an Enpass 6 issue. Sorry that I didn't test this beforehand. :-/

Kind regards ;-)

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