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Enpass crashes on use in Ubuntu 16 and OSX El cap using dropbox sync


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I'm currently unable to use enpass in OSX and Ubuntu, although the apps launch fine any attempted use, either via enpass itself or a browser extension causes enpass to crash. Often once the crash has occurred enpass then crashes at startup unless I reboot.

I use dropbox sync to sync between platforms and dropbox is showing sync_default.walletx hasn't been modified for 8 days, which seems wrong, so I think its possibly something awry with dropbox sync that is causing this issue.

Any suggestion on how to work around this? Should I delete sync_default.walletx in dropbox and let enpass recreate it?

I was going to attach the most recent crash log from OSX, but this forum seems only to accept image files?

I also have enpass installed on my iPad but haven't dared open that to check...

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