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A new field for aliases

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I use a lot of alias as email addresses. Some providers call that a disposable address, or secondary address or alternate address or ...alias

Alias is really a good thing for security: you can have a unique pair id/password for each website/service,...

I can't find a good way to record alias in Enpass. No field type is ok and I my only choice is to write them in the Note field.

It's a poorly solution because it's possible to have a lot of aliases (for some providers max of aliases is up to 500 ) and it's not possible to hide Note...

Ideally I want to record each alias per line as <email>,<displayed name>,<description>.

May be a multilines text field or a table field could be possible in a future version of Enpass?

Or another way may be a reference/link/family ID field, like a key ID in database:

<email: alias email.address>

<kind: alias>

<main email: parent email.address>

<displayed name: someone>


And all linked aliases could be viewed in a list on the main email page.

But it's not a simple solution and it's beyond the purpose of Enpass


Alias occurs not only for email, but for example, a registrar may define a main internet domain (as domain .com) and other sub/alias domains (as domain .uk, domain .be) linked to one account.

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