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I have been using the desktop version on my Mac for a while and I thought I would try the iOS version.  I purchased the PRO version and on my phone and I like it. Perhaps this is a feature more so than an issue.  I would like to see Enpass and iOS work together, like an intergration, and make things work smooth.  For example, on my phone, if I have a Chase mobile banking app and I want to log in to check my balance. I would be nice and handy to click on the text field USER ID and Enpass prefills that field and the password.  Hit Log On and I am done. Again, it would be helpful to Enpass auto sense the text field and fill in the information.  Otherwise, I would have to go to Enpass then unlock and find the stored information.  The intergration would be helpful for Enpass to work with Apps and iOS itself.  Some of us live on our phones and taking one step out of the equation is helpful by going to the App and Enpass gives you the login choices to use with that app. 

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