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Only one 3rd party autofill program at a time?


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Not strictly an Enpass issue, at least I don't think so, but as I transition from 1Password I wanted to leave them both available so I could pick which one to look up passwords from. However, going into settings for Autofill in the system preferences will only let me pick one program at a time, if I select Enpass it deselects 1Password and if I select 1Password it deselects Enpass. I had Avast Passwords installed from a long time ago, and selecting that deselects the current provider as well, so it isn't just between 1Password and Enpass that the problem happens. Nothing I can do will let me pick two thrid-party providers, just Apple iCloud and a 3rd Party one.

I had seen some blogs that mentioned you could have several, but at least not on my iPads.

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