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Selecting password is slow

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Not sure if this is the wrong forum. If I wish to select a password, and this applies to either system wide helper or a browser helper. In both cases if the target is not recognised then I have to search for an entry which is fine.

But then I see the entry I want and click it. It selects and a small info symbol shows up. Right clicking at this point or pressing ctrl+C (which ideally would copy password to clipcboard) do nothing. I have to press the little info symbol. That shows the full entry and I thin have to move the mouse down to the copy icon next to the password.

Really hoping I am missing something here as this is a really slow user flow.

Also when I am in browser addin mode and it does recognise the page, I have to *double* click the entry which comes up to get it to fill in. Why not just click? surely that makes more sense?

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