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  1. If I have my MacBook Air M1 in clamshell mode then Touch ID is disabled as expected but I should still be able to use Apple Watch shouldn't I? It keeps just asking me for my master password. Latest Enpass from App Store (6.6.0)
  2. Yes same here - please fix this asap - it is driving me mad. I have a non-trivial long master password and typing it in all the time is incredibly frustrating.
  3. Enpass is always asking me for my password on my Mac. I keep setting the Touch ID switch but it always reverts back and doesn't maintain the setting. This is on a 16" MacBook pro on Catalina with version 6.3.2
  4. I suspect this might be a Windows 10 issue but i have a Dell XPS 13 which has a Windows Hello IR camera as well as a fingerprint reader. Whenever I use enpass, it does the camera thing for about half a second at most then reverts to fingerprint. i.e. it never gives enough time for the IR camera to look for the face. I can manually switch it back but it kind of defeats the point. Anyone got any ideas how to fix this?
  5. Just as an FYI - this has started working mostly in FireFox Beta for Android.
  6. I wonder if that is due to joining a beta program? can't quite remember how I did that now
  7. The latest I have from the Windows Store is so it might be worth checking again manually in the store, top right ellipsis, Downloads and Updates then force a check.
  8. I just got an update from the Windows Store and all working fine now!! Thanks for the quick fix
  9. I will try what you say but I don't fully understand this. I have *never* used v5. I only recently started using enpass and went straight with the v6 beta as it supported Windows Hello. I have a 4K laptop screen (250% scaling) and a 4K external monitor (150% scaling) and both were working perfectly. So you did have v6 with no issues on high DPI at one point.
  10. Strange thing is that on the v6 beta for Windows this issue didn't occur. I was using it fine for 3 weeks. Only when final release went out or a patch of it did this start happening.
  11. I've been on beta for 6 for a while and was all working and looking fine but at some point over the last day or so it has become completely broken and unusable. Something has gone badly wrong with scaling. (see attached image) Alignment is wrong, UI is out of place and text is low res and blocky. This has only just started happening, was all fine yesterday and before that. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, rebooting etc. My machine is a Dell XPS 13 (9370) laptop with 4K screen.
  12. I have been using the v6 beta for a while and successfully logging in with the new autofill framework on Android Oreo/Pie on my Pixel 2 XL. However recently I can't get it to fire and show the dropdown at all in anything other than Chrome. I have tried Opera, Firefox and Brave browser and none of them work. I can switch on the accessibility method and that kind of works (although some of the browsers don't pass the URL back so you have to manually search)
  13. I only just bought enpass as I switched from 1Password. I have jumped straight into v6 beta and I am pretty happy with it. Android works great, Windows 10 works grreat (some usability stuff could be improved, I did another thread on that) Any great work thanks! p.s. is 6 beta the first one with Windows Hello support?
  14. Not sure if this is the wrong forum. If I wish to select a password, and this applies to either system wide helper or a browser helper. In both cases if the target is not recognised then I have to search for an entry which is fine. But then I see the entry I want and click it. It selects and a small info symbol shows up. Right clicking at this point or pressing ctrl+C (which ideally would copy password to clipcboard) do nothing. I have to press the little info symbol. That shows the full entry and I thin have to move the mouse down to the copy icon next to the password. Really hoping I am missing something here as this is a really slow user flow. Also when I am in browser addin mode and it does recognise the page, I have to *double* click the entry which comes up to get it to fill in. Why not just click? surely that makes more sense?
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