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Keyboard Shortcut - copy password to clipboard


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Moving from 1Password, and so far, really, the only thing I think I am missing is the quick copy-to-clipboard feature...

When in either a browser-extension or the main app, I find the entry I want.  When I am using 1Password I can use a keyboard shortcut to then copy the password of the current entry to the clipboard and it dismissed 1Password leaving me ready to paste it into the current application, system-wide.

I use this all the time for ssh logins and web pages as well.

Is it here somewhere that I just can't find?  If not, please consider adding it.

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Sorry, see a way to delete this. :(

Found this was asked and answered already:


  • To Copy  Username --> Ctrl+Shift+U 
  • To Copy Password --> Ctrl+Shift+P
  • To Copy  URL --> Ctrl+Shift+R
  • To Copy  TOTP --> Ctrl+Shift+T
  • To launch URL --> Ctrl+Shift +L


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