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[Bug] Auto Backup and manual backup fails

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As you can see on the attached image i have changed location of my data. In Enpass 5.6.9 auto backup worked and D:\Sparade inställningar\Enpass\Backups were full of folders with each backup.

With 6 (198) the Backups folder is empty and if i click on Previous Backups i get the option to click on Back up Now but when i do no folder with backup files are placed in D:\Sparade inställningar\Enpass\Backups. The only thing that do happen is that the Backups folder itself get´s a new time stamp, iow a new updated Date modified.

If i use the Synchronize feature and sync to my OneDrive account each change i do in Enpass 6 (198) are synced correctly. If i Disconnect that sync Auto Backup and manual backup still fails.



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-- Read the post abowe as well --

I did a reinstall and noticed if i go to Vaults > Primary and click on Back up Now i get the dialog that allows me to save a backup file as filename.enpassbackup and when i click Save i get a dialog that says "Your backup has been successfully saved.".

But, no actual file is saved...

I have tested to save to folders, root of the HDD, different HDD, but no file is created and if i search This PC in Explorer for *.enpassbackup no files can be found on my computer. Kind of scary.

This issue must be resolved before release since the only way to restore if one only saves locally seems to be by using the filename.enpassbackup. I cannot restore from vault.enpassdb at all. In Enpass 5 it was possible to restore from the walletx.db file. Lucky me that i had synced to OneDrive when i wanted to simulate a HDD failure...



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I found a post by the user lammoth and he nailed it. :)

I had one attached .jpg file and when i removed it from the login the backup feature did start working. Here is his steps to reproduce the issue:

On 11/28/2018 at 9:59 PM, lammoth said:

On Windows, Enpass fails to create backups of vault(s) containing attachments.

  • Add an attachment to an item (in my instance it was a login)
  • Go to Settings -> Vaults -> [Your vault] -> Backup now
  • Enpass says that the backup has been created but it's not true
  • Also auto backups are not performed 

Note: on Linux everything works fine. Not tested on Mac.

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