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Master password stops working


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Decided to try out Enpass, so downloaded the windows app and the Opera extension. I then set the master password, which worked fine to unlock Enpass, I tested it several times. 

I then imported my saved passwords etc from Opera, which worked fine for the first attempted use. The next attempted use, Enpass asked for the master password, so I enter it and it failed. I know it was entered correctly, but just in case, I type it again, slowly and deliberately, making sure capslock is off etc, and it still fails. 5 or 6 attempts and it fails in both Opera and the desktop app.

So, either Enpass has lost access to the file it stored my master password in (nothing changed in the few seconds that Enpass went from smart to stupid) or it has simply forgotten the master password, possibly through it being corrupted in its storage vault file or whatever it uses.

All of the above happened in the course of less than 10 minutes, as I always test new apps before I let them stay on my PC. Enpass failed almost immediately, how can that be for a password manager that has been around for years? Is it that fragile that it can randomly fail and lock you out of all your passwords? A password manager needs to be absolutely, 100% bulletproof in this regard, it should never be able to fail in such a manner, and certainly not in a few minutes of a fresh install.

So, Enpass is gone and I keep looking for something reliable. Just wanted to provide this feedback so that you can find the problem and maybe even fix it sometime in the future...

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