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v6 Multi-Vault Feature Requests

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Reposted from Beta forum now version 6 launched.

Multiple Vault Feature/Enhancement Suggestion:

One of the great things with the multiple vaults is the ability to keep different sets of information separate - and sync'd via different channels.

To improve them further, it would be really good if you could allow more control over the security of each vault so that, for example, you could:

1. disable PIN/Windows Hello access to one or more of the more secure/private vaults being stored so that the full password or an alternate PIN had to be used;

2. set up whether or not a vault is included in the "All Vaults" usage including searches.

This would allow sensitive vaults to be stored but properly partitioned from the main vault - and would make the multi-vault feature even more useful and compelling.

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"If you are using multiple vaults, then each vault need to be synchronized with a separate cloud account."

I take it the enpass engineers built and tested the multiple vaults feature among themselves to combine professional and personal vaults, but they didn't seem to think about family sharing among just personal accounts. This limitation means I can't use multiple vaults to share passwords with my wife. We need to be able to sync our personal vaults and a single shared vault through our existing personal OneDrive accounts.

If we use the folder sync feature as an alternative to let the cloud service sync the vaults in the background (not through enpass), then what will prevent sync conflicts that we have to resolve manually in the OneDrive web UI (and losing 1 person's most recent password updates)?

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