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Easy Sync for multiple Vaults

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I was really happy when I got Enpass 6 a few hours ago, but right now I'm having quite a few problems with it. I started using several vaults, because I wanted to share different logins with different people. The problem is, that I can't sync them with one dropbox account and therefore can't use it on my phone anymore. I don't like how syncing vaults is handled in general so here is a suggestion that would make them a lot easier to use:

Enpass could use a config file, that is secured with the master password. This file contains all information that is needed to sync the actual vaults and their respective passwords. That way changin sync data of a vault (like the cloud service or the name) wouldbe transfered to all devices of a user.

Vaults would use their own files, which are placed in their own folders. I don't know about other cloud services, but dropbox can only share folders with write permissions. Of course, each vault should be able to use the same or a different cloud account depending on which yo choose.


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