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Error running Enpass

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Hi, when I try to run Enpass 6 (installed from Windows Store) I get en error:


Basically it is saying "file not found". But I can confirm the file exists and effective access rights for my user account are Full Access.

Windows 10 Home, Version 1809 and latest patches as of today.

No Antivirus other then Windows Defender.

I tried to set some other NTFS access rights, repaired and reinstalled the app, nothing helps.

Any ideas?

Kind regards, Oliver

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Same problem, additionally, after a few hours, Enpass is not reacting anymore. It is still in the tray, but cannot be opened from the tray or main Icon. Killing the process, restarting the Computer has no effect. Re-Installing the app works, but again, only for some hours...

Also the Chrome Extension is very selective, which login will be supported and when it will be supported. Update is frustrating.... ;-(

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Still no luck with Enpass on this computer. Others work fine. Frustrating, because I have the premium version and cannot use the features here. Now as a workaround I have to use the free Desktop W32 version.

Are there any folders or registry keys I could delete after uninstalling the store version?

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