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Enpass V6 crash when doing WebDAV Sync


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I've just upgraded Enpass to version 6.0.0. (230). After upgrade I had to re setup the WebDAV sync, but every time I press the "Connect" button, after entering the URL and the credentials the application crash. I've already send 3 or 4 crash dumps.

If I put wrong credentials it does not crash but give an error about the access.

The WebDAV server is a Windows Server 2016 with basic authentication only enabled. The site is in HTTPS with a certificate from a custom CA, trusted by the computer where Enpass is installed.

I tried also removing the files on the WebDAV server, nothing changed.

Checking the IIS Logs Enpass try 2 PROPFIND connections, the first in Anonymous (HTTP Error 401.2) and the second authenticated (HTTP Error 207).


The same behaviour (the creash) is present with iOS app when connecting to the WebDAV server.

Do you have any suggestion to solve the issue?





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