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Cannot autologin to online bank account

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Hi @kernie

Working fine here. Advantage of web form can only be taken if one is using browser extension for saving credential. If the saved login item is from Enpass 5, then, in that case, one has to save the credentials again using Enpass 6 browser extension if one want to fill more than two fields.

Hope it helps.

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I still have problems with the login at this bank. I have three logins, one is working perfectly since I saved it as a webform. The enpass dialog windows do not appear when I login with account No. 2. So I copied the first account and altered the settings. But without any success, the strange thing is that the "button" "Show Webform" is missing in the duplicated entry. Is there something wrong with the duplication? Or is there a better way to let enpass identify that it should save a new login at this site?






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