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  1. Yogesh Kumar

    Some websites aren't using "auto-submit login" properly

    @kyddox URL www.lineamonterrey.com.mx is not working and raising 404 error.
  2. @jidar Thank you for reporting this issue. We have noted the website for further testing and it will be fixed in upcoming release.
  3. @kyddox Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We have noted this site for further testing and it will be fixed in upcoming version. In general, Enpass only saves username and password, although we are working on an improvement to store additional fields.
  4. Yogesh Kumar

    Shortcut dont work proper

    Hi @niemalsnever Before delving more into this issue, I just want to make sure that you are having the latest release build 5.3.0 with Browser extension version 5.3.3. This will let you set the keyboard shortcut from the individual browser extension itself rather than the Enpass App. As these shortcut settings are stored in browser storage area, there is no means that they are shared among browsers, so you have to set it individually from the extensions only. If you wants to use same shortcut across all browsers, then the same shortcut must be set on each browser. Also, once you set the shortcut from browser, then there is no way you can set shortcut from app. The key codes may differ from browser to browser but the same key combination will work for autofilling in browser. Please keep me posted. Cheers!
  5. Hi @tox1c90 Yes there is an update we are planning for firefox extension to support multiprocess architecture. Cheers!
  6. Hi @Plonqor Thanks for the detailed info. It seems only when RES extension is active then the problem occurs. We have find out the bug and it will be fixed in upcoming Enpass extension version. Thanks for your cooperation!
  7. Hi @Plonqor Sorry you are having trouble with that. We investigated your issue but didn't find any problem of such sort. A few examples would be of great help in tracking down where things are getting tangled up. You gave example of reddit but it will be of great help if you give exact url of reddit where you are facing problem. Also please mention platform on which you are running Enpass along with version of Enpass and browser extension.
  8. Yogesh Kumar

    Shortcut dont work proper

    Hi @niemalsnever We investigated your problem with german keyboard but did not found any bug. The keycode captured by extension is 17 for CTRL and for 220 for # which in german keyboard is in place of backslash. You can check keycodes by yourself here.
  9. Yogesh Kumar

    Shortcut dont work proper

    Hi @niemalsnever could you please elaborate what exactly is the issue. Yes the browser plugin will always detect US keyboard layout, but the shortcut will work on every keyboard layout as extension will capture "what keys are pressed", not "what character does key represent". For example if shortcut is set to "CTRL+#" in german keyboard ,the extension will show it "CTRL+\".
  10. Hello @My1 Nice suggestion and we have included in our Feature-requests list. Keep suggesting. Cheers!
  11. Hi @My1 Sorry for the inconvenience while using Enpass. We have released a new update of Extension for chrome with lots of improvements with autofilling. For other browsers the update will be coming soon. Actually this is possible but it will result in poor performance of website during page load. Currently our extension comes into play only when Extension button is clicked or shortcut is pressed.
  12. Hi @Rezl Yes, you can do so once you are on the login page. If you are having a single item of that particular site, it will be autofilled immediately else a list of items matching that website will be presented to select the desired card. For setting up the keyboard shortcut we have more help here in user manual. Yesterday only we have released a new update with some improvements in keyboard shortcut behavior where you can also set the shortcut from Extension settings also. Cheers!
  13. Hi guys Sorry for the very late reply. We found out that some scripts are taking longer to run and we are optimizing them. A fix will be released soon.
  14. Hi @Phx, Sorry for misunderstanding the problem. On further investigating it, I found that the bank website you mentioned trigger some input validation when extension code try to detect fake text fields and than it breaks the things. A fix will be available in next update.
  15. Hello @Phx Sorry for the inconvenience. It seems after autofilling the User ID, Enpass is sending the login signal to hidden form. We have fixed this issue for next release. Meanwhile, you can disable the Auto submit for this particular item after which it will just autofill and you have to just hit the submit button to login. You can disable the Auto Submit for a particular item from its detail pane (A check box is there). Please let me know if it works. Cheers!