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  1. This appears to be a NordVPN issue. NordVPN issued an update this morning that resolved the problem. Thank you again for your help!
  2. Hello, Thank you for your quick reply. 1. Enpass version 6.7.4 (934), I can't find a version number for the extension, but I've attached a screenshot of the options. I'm running this with Microsoft Edge browser Version 96.0.1054.41. I believe everything is up to date and is the latest version. 2. Cloud server is Microsoft Onedrive. I'm not quite sure why Enpass needs to connect to the cloud server each time I need a password. 3. Only using Microsoft Edge browser. 4. Screenshots attached. Thank you for your assistance with this. As I mentioned in my original post this just started, don't know if it is related to a browser update.
  3. I am not able to use Enpass whenever I have a NordVPN tunnel open. The browser extension in Microsoft edge does not work and when I open the Enpass app it indicates that it is unable to sync. This is a recent development as I've been using NordVPN and Enpass for a couple of years now. It defeats the purpose of using a VPN service while traveling and being able to access my passwords.
  4. Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, it doesn't really solve the problem. Enpass is auto-filling the user name field on some web sites with the email address information instead of the information stored for the user name. In Enpass, the Username field is set to (type = username) and the E-mail field is set to (type = email). If I set the E-mail field (type = text), Enpass functions correctly. This only happens in the Android version on Enpass. The desktop version fills in the correct information without having to change the E-mail field type to text. Unless there is an explanation I will continue to define the E-mail address field as (type = text). Thank you.
  5. I'm having an issue with several web sites where the email address is being entered in the username field for the site even though there is a separate username stored in Enpass. I have to move the email address associated with the Enpass entry to the notes field to prevent it from filling in the user name field at the site. I'm using Enpass version on my Pixel 2 running Android 10. This functions differently on my Windows 10 desktop which fills the proper username on the same site.
  6. Ditto. Same here. Fresh chrome install and went to get the extension. Does not exist.
  7. Hello. Sorry for the late reply. You can see this at https://www.fpl.com. I'm not having this issue with all sites. Thank you in advance for your help.
  8. Since being upgraded to version 6 I am no longer able to use the autofill feature to log into sites. The information is populated into the fields, however, the screen clears and the blank username and password fields are displayed again. This happens whether I have the "Autosubmit Login" box checked or not. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software and Edge extension. Environment info is: Windows 10 release 1809 (17763.195), Microsoft Edge Browser 44.17763.1.0, Enpass PC version 6.0.0 (218), Enpass Edge browser extension Thanks in advance for any insights.
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