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Location of database in Linux

Klaas Vaak

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54 minutes ago, xarekate said:

@xarekate You say there is a lot of stuff, but all that "stuff" has been put there by Enpass.

There are now 3 Enpass folders which is very confusing. After synching the 1st time to Enpass/Enpass it must have created the 3rd Enpass folder with that "vault.enpassdbsync" file in the 3rd folder.

When nothing happened I changed the sync path to the 1st Enpass folder only, which probably meant it put another "vault.enpassdbsync" file in the 2nd folder.

So I don't understand to which Enpass folder the sync should point; neither do I understand which Enpass folder should be set for the Data location. BTW, the 1st Enpass folder, i.e. the main one (i.e. parent and grandparent of the other 2 Enpass folders) was created by me.

Another thing I don't understand is since there is a "vault.enpassdbsync" file in folder 2 and in folder 3, Enpass should have been able to sync. It  was not.

I have no uncommon characters or spaces in the names or paths, although the folders are located in Linux as follows: /media/sf_Daily_files/Enpass/Enpass/Enpass/Enpass, bearing in mind the contents of folders 2 and 3 as described before. sf_Daily_files refers to a shared folder between Windows and Linux in a VM.


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@Klaas Vaak I agree that it's a bit confusing, but when using / playing around with Enpass for some time you get used to all that sync procedure, I think. That's why I advised you to just start the entire syncing setup from scratch with a new folder. Now you know, that for syncing Enpass app is creating another "Enpass" folder in which finally the vault is stored. So just create a new folder "Enpass" (you can just rename the old one in "Enpass.old" or similar) and create for each vault a separate folder: Vault_1, Vault_2... Then create a new folder sync in Enpass app with the following path: /media/sf_Daily_files/Enpass/Vault_1/

I think Enpass is automatically creating a new "Enpass" folder, because the attachments in Enpass are stored as extra files besides the vault-file. It's a big advantage as that way you don't have to sync them every time you sync your password items.


As you are using a VM maybe there are some problems with accessing the files? Does Enpass has the rights for reading / writing in that folder?

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I did exactly what you said. What's more, this time it was not in a VM but in truly installed Linux Mint 19.1, although from there I can access all the files and folders of Windows, which is where the VM would also access the Enpass vault. It still did not work with freshly installed Enpass on my freshly installed LM 19.1, so I'll export my Keepass database and import into Enpass, as I did before. That is the only instance of Enpass I'll be using, so synching is not necessary.

Many thanks for you time and patience.

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