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FEATURE REQUEST: "Are you sure you want to quit?" warning

100 Watt Walrus

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Because Enpass needs to run in the background, it needs to either not quit the background process when the user CMD+Qs out of the main window, or it needs to warn users that quitting will end the background process. CMD+Q is a reflex for Mac users when they're done using an app, so it's way, way too easy to accidentally shut down all Enpass functionality.

Ideally, CMD+Q would not end the background process. This is how almost every other background-running Mac app works. For example, iStat Menus, which displays CPU & RAM usage (among other options) in the Menu Bar, has a full-window UI where it's configured. When you CMD+Q to quit out of iStat Menus, the configuration window goes away, and the app's icon disappears from the dock, but it doesn't shut off the Menu Bar interface. The same thing is true of Malwarebytes. That's how Enpass should work.

But at the very least Enpass needs to warn users upon Quit:

     Are you sure you want to quit Enpass?

     [QUIT]: End all Enpass processes, including Enpass Assistant in your Menu Bar and browsers

     [CLOSE]: Just close Enpass window and keep Enpass running in the background

    [Cancel]: Return to the Enpass main window



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