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Enpass 6 keyfile request


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I'm a new user of Enpass.  Been experimenting with using a keyfile for more security since my Enpass database will be stored and synced on Google Drive.

The default suffix for Enpass' keyfile is "*.enpasskey".  If my home PC is stolen or I lose my phone, all the hacker has to do is search for "*.enpasskey" and he will find my keyfile.  Then he can proceed to try to crack my Enpass password using the correct keyfile.  This will apply to all users of Enpass who use a keyfile with the default suffix.

However, I've found that the name and suffix of the keyfile does not matter.  It can be renamed to bingo.dll or bingo.jpg or whatever and Enpass will use it as its keyfile as long as the user points to the correct file.  This is a really good thing for added security as it would be difficult for a hacker to determine which file is actually the user's keyfile.

When opening Enpass for the first time after a Windows 10 boot up, the password screen shows:

  • "Master Password"
  • "Choose Keyfile"

When I click "Choose Keyfile", it opens Win10's file explorer.  I click the proper folder but I can't see "bingo.dll" since Enpass has set the default viewing suffix to "*.enpasskey".  It takes two extra clicks to see the "bingo.dll" file. ... ie: click the down arrow and then click "all files (*)".

Could you please change the opening password screen to show:

  • "Master Password"
  • "Choose Keyfile - normal" -or-
  • "Choose Keyfile - advanced".

"Choose "keyfile - normal" will set the default suffix to "*.enpasskey".
"Choose "Keyfile - advanced" will set the default suffix to "all files (*)"

This would be such an easy thing for you guru programmers and would make Enpass even more secure by allowing advanced users to rename their keyfile to any name they want and still be able to see it easily when first opening Enpass.

BTW, after trying keepass and keepass2android, I much prefer Enpass.  Thanks,

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