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Enpass opens with title bar too high so it is hidden


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Am running Enpass traditional 6.0.0 (230) on two Win 10 PCs.
.... 1. Tower PC with 2560 x 1440 res monitor.  Win10 display scaling set to 175%.
.... 2. Laptop PC with 1920 x 1080 res screen.  Win10 display scaling set to 175%.

Problem is that  when Enpass is first opened, it opens with its window too high so the title bar is mostly off the top of the screen.  I enter my master password and Enpass opens but the title bar is still mostly off the top of the screen.  The bottom edge of the title bar is just barely on screen so that I can guess where the "maximize" button on the bar is and click there and then the Enpass window displays fully on the screen.  This problem happens on both my tower PCs monitor and my laptop's screen.

Even if I set Win10's display scaling to 100%, the problem still happens.

Please fix this issue.

BTW, when I did the Enpass update, the blurry and mis-aligned text problem happened.  So I went back to version 6.0.0.  Has the update for Enpass traditional been fixed?

Thank you,

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