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Creating new Login-item directly from visited website?


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First of all, I need to point out, that I am a complete newcomer to the software.

I compared it with many other password managers on my  iPhone and must say, that the many unique options enpass offers, best meet my requirements.

 But one thing really bothered me a lot: whenever you are on a NEW website and want to set up the login credentials,  you have to previously have completed the setup in Enpass. you are not able to create a new entry from that very login page (Which would be really user-friendly), but you would have to first copy the login-URL to the clipboard, open enpass, add a new login-item, paste the URL and fill out all the other credentials and save the whole thing,  head back to the website and only then are able to log in automatically. 

 All the other password managers I tried out, offer you a very quick way: on the login page, you just click on the password icon in iOS and  if the website is not in the database, it offers you to create a new entry from that very URL right away. No copy and paste of the URL, no back-and-forth between the password manager and the website:  just fill out the two lines of credentials and the new website is in the database and you are logged in. 

 Did I miss something wih Enpass here? Otherwise, imho it would be really good add this functionality. 

 One other thing would be a great addition: I would love to use the software at the office, but I do not have administrative privileges to install new software on the computer, so enpass cannot be installed. Strangely enough, other competitors could be installed - maybe, they do not need administrative privileges? Could this be changed with Enpass or is there a chance, that a portable version I will be available?

 Thanks for reading and considering and helping them with my first question! 

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