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Bug: Enpass Version 6.0.3 not working for websites on the IPhone home screen


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Product : Enpass
Version : 6.0.3
System : 12.1.3
DeviceName : iPhone

Enpass does not work for websites that I have saved as a link on my iPhone home screen: 

I have added the website of my mail provider to my iPhone home screen (i.e. created a home screen icon for a website)
When I tap on that icon, Safari opens with only that website and no „share“ menu at the bottom:
When I tap on one of the login field, iOS offers to fill the login data via Enpass:
However, if I tap that entry (or the key to the right), Enpass opens, Face ID identifies me - and then nothing happens, Enpass closes. 
Maybe it's related to this:
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