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I am still using Enpass version 5.6.10 on my Windows 7 laptop, but my Android devices (smart phone and tablet) are using The Android versions are working/syncing just fine, but I can't even get into my desktop Enpass because it won't accept my master password. It used to work, but not anymore. Anyone have a suggestion for fixing this problem?

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I'm using Enpass v6.0.0 (230) on my Win10 tower and laptop PCs syncing with Google Drive.  I'm able to sync between those two PC and my android phone that's running the Enpass install from the Google Play Store.  Maybe try v6.0.0 (230) on your Win7 PC and see if it works.

BTW, do you have the blurry text and mis-aligned text problem using Enpass  I had updated my tower PC by clicking the update popup and had those problems so I had to go back to v6.0.0 (230).  Don't know which version that update was.


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