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Peter Celuch

Windows Hello issues

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I have two computers (home and work). The home one runs Windows 10 Home and the work one runs Windows 10 Professional.

A) On both machines, I'm logged into Windows Store using the same account.
B) On both machines, I have Enpass Password Manager v 6.0.6 (322) installed from Windows Store.
C) On my Home machine, I clicked "Settings -> Premium Features -> Buy" and got extra option "Settings -> Security -> Windows Hello".
D) On my Work machine, I clicked "Settings -> Premium Features -> Buy" and got message that I already bought this.
E) When I returned to Enpass, the "Premium Features" option was gone, but there was no "Windows Hello" option in Security settings.
F) Both machines have fingerprint reader and I log in to Windows using Windows Hello on both of them.

What's wrong? How can I make it work on second machine as well?


PS: It took me really long time and lot of nerves to post this as your system kept thinking I'm spam bot :((((((((( Really, really, REEEEAAAAAAALLLY $%^&*(*&^% annoying - please make it less aggressive.

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Hm, I was posting this yesterday from home, being connected to my work computer via VPN and Windows Remote Desktop. Today I came to work and was able to see and activate this option in Settings.

Probably the Windows Hello functionality is disabled in remote desktop connection and the application shows this option based on system capabilities... Long story short, it seems that all is working properly :).

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