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Cannot open Enpass UWP on a x86-based Windows PC


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So I just started using Enpass, and it's pretty nice. I can't seem to get the UWP version to start on my 32-bit Windows 10 tablet, my x64 machines work perfectly.


That said, I can install and run the "Traditional" 32-bit windows client, but I plan on using the premium features which require installing from the Windows Store. Upon attempting to run the application (both machines, 64-bit and 32-bit, are on the same Insider Preview version 18898), I can watch in task manager as the Enpass UWP application starts, Runtime Broker starts inside it's space, Enpass itself starts inside the space, but then inexplicably closes, leaving just Runtime Broker and an empty UWP process container.


As I said, the traditional client on the same machine works fine, just not when installed from the Windows Store. I have run the Repair & Reset functions in App Settings and have uninstalled and re-installed the application, but cannot get it to run when installed from the Windows Store. I'd like to be able to use the premium features on both my Windows devices once I've purchased them, Please help!


Edit: On a whim, I tried to run Enpass UWP using Administrative privileges and it started.. Interestingly enough. Didn't think to do that originally because normally can't run Store apps as Administrator! ^_^; Not sure if there will be any caveats to running it as Administrator though...

EDIT2: So it runs, but as Administrator, I can't sign into OneDrive in the application. It attempts to, then fails when the browser attempts to redirect back into the application (looks like Windows tries to start a new copy inside my user context instead of using the one running as Administrator).


AHA!! Ladies and gentlemen.. Don't have Windows install Enpass to external storage, that was the only factor that was different, and upon moving it to internal storage it runs perfectly. Enpass, perhaps you should repackage your app so installing anywhere OTHER than the system drive is disallowed, or fix the application so it runs when installed to external storage.

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Found a workaround.
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