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How can I move enpass backup from Onedrive to Google Drive and then use it to restore with Google account


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I have been using enpass since long time and all my backups are stored on Onedrive. I want to move backup from Onedrive to Google Drive and use google drive to sync and restore backups henceforth.

Will enpass be able to identify sync_default.walletx and vault.enpasdbsync files from onedrive if I sync it with Google drive? If yes, can you guide me the process of moving backup to google drive?


Many thanks.


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Hi @ashtin

You can't manually copy/paste the Enpass files from OneDrive to Google Drive as the Enpass data on Google Drive is hidden and can only be accessed via the app using the cloud synchronization.

So the best way to do this is

  1. Open Enpass on your device has the latest database.
  2. Enable the sync with OneDrive to merge/upload the database.
  3. Disconnect sync with OneDrive,
  4. Now enable sync with the Google Drive and your latest Enpass database will automatically be uploaded to Google Drive. You can use it henceforth.
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