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    @Anshu kumar Yes, I have disabled auto-submit for now, but I wanted to make sure to bring this to your attention so that it can be fixed. I think you will all see a lot more feedback from me in the future. I am a long time 1password user that was looking for an alternative because I don't want to use dropbox just to be able to sync my vault.
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    @MaxM write "@" and then the username (without quotation marks)
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    It is working now. Thank you for following up!
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    Hi @DoughP, We have released new Enpass beta version 5.1.6 with some fixes for Autofill using Notifications. Please update your Beta build and let us know if it works. Thanks!
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    Hey guys, thanks for your time and thanks for making such an amazing app. It's been working very well for me so far and is now my favourite password manager across my devices. I especially love the new autofill feature. Two suggestions that I think would make your app even better: 1) Have some way of saving new logins - perhaps a new notification can show up which allows you to directly save new logins into the database. 2) Perhaps some way of disabling the autofill notification for certain websites or apps - I get the autofill notification for a lot of my apps even after logging in - perhaps you could have an option to block Enpass for certain apps, adding them to a blacklist for example, and then users can go into the blacklist on the Enpass app to manage their preferences. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you consider these features!
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    Hi @burgerbro, Thanks for suggestions. Auto fill using notifications is still in beta version and we will try to improve it further. A new beta version is coming soon with improvement including showing Notifications. However the selection of items to be notified will not be there but of course we have noted that for future versions.
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    Hi! Globe Key on Enpass keyboard should be change fast to another keyboard, but is not doing anything for me. Long press on space bar let me choose change keyboard. It is not big problem for me, but i would to tell about a bug. My device is Sony Xperia Z3 with Android 6.01 (Concept version).
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    Hi @Arnas It seems that Sony Xperia Keyboard doesn't have the Globe Key and doesn't support switching between keyboards. We have observed the similar behavior while using samsung keyboard on samsung devices. Google keyboards on Nexus devices works perfectly though.
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    @Nikhil Kumar I use only one Sony Xperia Keyboard ☺ and ofcourse Enpss Keyboard for login ☺
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    Hi @Arnas, We have tested with stock Google keyboards and they are playing nice with Enpass Keyboard. However, Some keyboards doesn't support switching/cycling between keyboard using Globe key. Please let us know which other keyboards are you using?
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    I was at work that day so mostly listening to podcasts and checking gmail, facebook (web/chrome) & feedly (web/chrome) on breaks. Nothing too intense. I was not using the Enpass keyboard that day. Usually, I access the keyboard when i need to log in somewhere. Without text prediction and correction my texts are a mess so I stick with my regular keyboard (ultra keyboard).
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    Thanks for communicating with us. One of the possible reason for draining extra battery could be Auto-fill service of Enpass which enables the Accessibility services of the device. While working on the issue we found that disabling Enpass app auto-fill may resolve battery usage issue but once again we will have a look at it to optimize the battery consumption over the time and we have put it under observation. To investigate it further, we would like to know about your general usage of device i.e. In which kind of activities you spend most of your time like Browsing, Reading or Gaming? How intensively you use your device? How much is your use of Enpass Keyboard (Always/while browsing only)?
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