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  1. I would like to see fingerprint scanner support on the desktop.
  2. I was at work that day so mostly listening to podcasts and checking gmail, facebook (web/chrome) & feedly (web/chrome) on breaks. Nothing too intense. I was not using the Enpass keyboard that day. Usually, I access the keyboard when i need to log in somewhere. Without text prediction and correction my texts are a mess so I stick with my regular keyboard (ultra keyboard).
  3. Enpass was responsible for 8% of my battery use today without me using it. Has anybody else had this issue? I am on Android 6.0.1, Nexus 6P, Not rooted or ROM'd (stock). I have not noticed this until today but my battery got really low so I checked to see if there were any standouts. Thanks for any help. Let me know if you need logs or anything (and how to get them) I'd love to help.
  4. I would much rather have a functional keyboard than the notification option. The keyboard would be very useful if it had some more normal keyboard functions like auto-correct, spelling suggestions and maybe copy/paste. The reason I bought this app/software was for the android keyboard. I always wondered why no one thought that a keyboard (that is used to type in passwords) should be the password app. Everybody made standalone apps that require you to copy and paste (not secure) or use a broken accessibility work-around. The keyboard is the right solution, it just needs a couple more features.
  5. The chrome extension should have the ability to open cards so you can see information they contain without opening the main program. The extension menu (on left click ) should show the same categories and options that the main program shows when it's open.
  6. The problem with the keyboard on android, is there are no spelling suggestions, no copy and paste keys and there should be an easy way to generate and store new passwords.
  7. The problem as I see it is, the enpass button is supposed to call the app to open then you can log in. On my install (windows 10, chrome (latest version)) the button doesn't work any more. I have to open enpass and log in then go back to chrome and fill username and password. The chrome extension should work on its own, it should be able to take your PIN or password and continue to fill in the form on your current page. If this doesn't get fixed I can see other people going back to their old solutions, (for me it was Roboform). On a pc, there is almost no reason that I would ever open the main program when I'm not in my browser.
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