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    Hi @abhibeckert & @Sbu, Apologies for the late response. Enpass autofill in browsers involves a lot of guessing game. Enpass detects login forms based various input field attributes, e.g., a form with single password input, a form with input fields with most commonly used ids for usernames etc. Though not all websites follow the same practice, e.g. some websites use input fields in a div outside of the form. Similarly, submit button is also detected based on its id etc. Sometimes submit button is an image or normal text element with JavaScript handler. Also, submit action is not triggered when a captcha field is present. So, there is not fit for all solution, and we keep updating our algorithms on customer feedback. In this particular case, we have made a small change where submit action will be triggered on most qualified login form on the webpage even if it does not have any id associated. This fix will appear in next release. @Sbu We have noted down your valuable suggestion regarding FAQ and forwarded it to the concerned team for further consideration. Thanks for your feedback!
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