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    Why should someone pay money for Enpass in case basic features like autofill in a Windows application isn't available?? It's even more worse because your company is promising this feature since more than 3 years.
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    Is this available now that 6 is out?
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    Also looking desperatly for this feature!
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    Why is the auto-filling on Chrome on the extension's bar? Wouldn't it be better placed at the login's and password's fields better? The extension is great, but you should also add the auto-filling in the fields Is it possible to do that? I think most password managers use that way and most people seem to enjoy more the experience like that, including myself. Thank you for the app, love it.
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    No, I mean, I open a windows program, I'm asked for a password, and I want to use a hotkey to have the password found by matching the active executable to a password in my file and to have that password autofilled.
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