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    HA-HA!!! Solved it! It is because of stupid bugged Windows Store version. Uninstall your application. Then download the "Traditional win32" .exe file from here: https://www.enpass.io/downloads/ After the installation of this package everything began to work! P.S. Just for the case I uninstalled the browser plugin also before the installation and rebooted the system
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    So I switched to Bitwarden. Much better design (both UI and underlying logic), and it's totally free with all features if you host a server yourself (bitwarden_rs the rust server api implementation).
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    Thank you @Pratyush Sharma. Once you have a fix can you please post here.
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    After using 1Password for a long time, I plan to go back to Enpass, the first password manager I used. This is mainly because multiple vaults are available in the latest Enpass versions. My 1Password account is secured with a master password, secret key and 2FA. At Enpass I will have to use a keyfile to make the vault just as safe. But where can I store my keyfile the best and easiest so that I can access it on any device (Windows, Android smartphone, Chromebook)?
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    Thanks Garima , I love your product and have been using it for years.
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    thanks vikram best seo expert in india
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    I'm testing the new version now. Hope it solves the iCloud issue. I also checked the box to keep logged in. Hope it works.
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    Hi Garima, Thank you, I just figured out what I did wrong. I was trying to import the .1pif file instead of the .1pif folder. They both have the same extension so that was a bit confusing. Importing the folder worked now. Thank you, Anja
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    Sorry I don't your message before. I'll update the app and I will keep you posted about its behavior. Regards, Luis Hurtado
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    Solved the problem on my own, thank you. The Enpass version number was available in the Enpass folder in C Programs x86 Enpass - you could have told me that. I used Control Panel to uninstall then downloaded fresh copy from your site and re-installed. It synced fine with OneDrive as existing user. A great deal less work / aggravation than your very long-winded and unnecessary instructions.
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    Ok i thought you meant its already working in the mini window. SO its a feature that is not working now. On the main window yes it works to just right click but on mini window its buggy. Strangely enough it works after many tries but not reliably. Then we wait for the update. Thanks for info.
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    Hey @dridde Thanks for sharing the inputs. I have forwarded this issue again to the QA team to look into this again. Thanks
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    Hey @TREMOR Thanks for using Enpass and writing to us. I would like to share that unpacking the database file is not possible, database integrity is important to Enpass and any changes might result in sync, loss of data or application failure. Thanks.
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    Hi @lerihto Welcome to the forum! Thanks for using Enpass and writing to us. We really appreciate you for exploring the app and giving time in finding this valuable suggestion. The suggestion has been noted and forwarded to the development team for further consideration. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Hey @vampyren Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We are already aware of this issue. Our Dev team is working on it and the update with the fixes will be available soon. Please stay tuned for the new update and let us know if the problem still persists after the updated version. Thanks for understanding!
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    Got the same problem. Almost got a heart attack - for a moment I thought I got hacked. Strangely I got two Enpass folders in the one drive app folder (Enpass and Enpass 1). I disabled sync on my pc and deleted both (after backing them up). After that it started working normally on my other devices.
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    Thank you for the answer Pratyush. i'm still here......and crashes too
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    Hello! @Eli thank you for providing such a detailed logs! I am also on Ubuntu 18.04 and I have the same exact issue. I don't have any antivirus software installed on my machine. The logs are the same
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    @dridde Make sure that the password is not the same. For the entries (in the screenshot) that show an identical password, could you try deleting them and restoring them from the Trash folder of Enpass and then check if they appear in the Identical list.
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    Hi @Rojma & @pieth43, Thanks for writing in. We are working on this issue, and hopefully fix will be in the next update. Till then, use the debug build to sync data.
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    Hi @Eleanore & @dridde, Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Please share the following details so that we can investigate where the problem could be. On which device (along with OS version) are you using Enpass? Which Enpass version are you using? Thanks for your co-operation.
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    Dear Garima Are you kidding? Two years ago, you guys already promised to release this feature. Then it got completely quiet. Maybe you should consult with your bosses to find out that the feature was canceled a long time ago. Cheers, Rolly
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    Hi @boomzilla, We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Please follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this FAQ, and if the issue persists, revert to us. Hope this helps!
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    Merge 2 cards Hi, Is there a way to merge 2 existing cards with data? For example, I have a fully filled card that I would like to merge with another one, containing extra data (like "Visa" card and separate "bank account" one). How could I achieve this? Thanks for your help
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    Hey @Abdullah Welcome to the forum! Please follow the below mentioned steps: Disconnect Sync from all your devices which are synced from your Google Drive. Open Google Drive in Browser---> Goto Setting--->Select Manage Apps--->Click on Enpass Option--->Select Delete hidden App Data. (make sure that hidden data is deleted from the drive) Reconnect sync on all the devices from Google Drive. Thanks.
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    Hey @Mateusz Thanks for using Enpass and writing to us. We really appreciate you for exploring the app and giving time in finding this valuable suggestion. The suggestion has been noted and forwarded to the development team for further consideration. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    On Windows, if you have problem there, set timezone automatically
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    Solved. I took a SuperDuper clone of my HD at home to the other town. Then, on the older iMac there, I set up „folder sync” with the „Enpass backup”-Folder on the SuperDuper clone HD. Thats all. Thanks for listening. ;-)
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    Hey @dmatis & @Daniel_82 Thanks for using Enpass and writing to us. We really appreciate you for exploring the app and giving time in finding this valuable suggestion. The suggestion has been noted and forwarded to the development team for further consideration. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    I found out that if a windows device is encrypted, 3rd party win apps cannot help to unlock the windows. As my notebook was encrypted already, I think my preceding concern does not exist.
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    Backup Frequency I want to schedule daily/weekly/monthly backups. Or tell us when "auto backup" decides to backup. Backup Limit/Retention Policy I want to limit/retain the auto-backups either by time or number. For example: A) Only keep X number of backups. B) Do not keep backups older than X months. C) Fancier policy: Daily Backup + Weekly Backup + Monthly Backup + Quarterly Backup + Annual Backup. Thank you.
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    Thats due to WIndows and Linux handling system time in a different way. Windows sets it to local time while Linux uses UTC (and calculates your local time based on location settings). You can fix this either in Windows or Linux. The following link contains two options, choose one and it should settle the issue. How to Fix Windows and Linux Showing Different Times When Dual Booting
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    I understand fully. But the point I am making is that autofilling an existing login is not as friendly as other password managers. I am experimenting at this moment with 3 password managers. Enpass , Myki and Sticky and all using brower extensions. Myki and Sticky jump out straight away volunteering to fill the information - actually they attach themselves in the user and password login boxes. Enpass on the other hand expects me to go and click on the icon first. Why? So far I prefer Enpass as the other have other issues that I find more annoying or missing other functions - eg one of them lacks the functionality of "click-to-call" a phone number or "mailto" in the notes ( you could say is a minor thing but it could be very annoying trying to copying or remembering the number in order to make a call or send an email. I am glad is available in Enpass. I believe what I am asking will help make a very good app even better. Sometimes small changes like make the Autofill more AUTOfill can make the app more friendlier and easier to use. Main question to you. Are you a company that appreciate user's suggestions and do something about it... Bonus to you is that you are monitoring this forum and you are very prompt... definitely a bonus to Empass.
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    Is it possible to get a list of all devices under the same subscription? I soon will have to change my email address and I use a lot of devices. Are there any limits on how many devices a subscription can be used?
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    ooo, I see this feature is already implemented. Wow, that was fast! Beautifully done.
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    As a user of Enpass Portable (Win10), iOS an Mac OS, I would be very happy if I could cooperate with you. What can I do? Test a beta version? I've been doing that for 13 months. Anything else?
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    I have the same issue. Hope you will fix it soon. It's a essentiel feature.
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    Ah, thanks. Didn't recognize this. Coming from 1Password (and other Applications like Alfred) it'd prefer having the extension on a fixed position. May I request this feature?
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    i didn't realize just how much i generate passwords until now but I think whenever yall integrated the "new" auto generate password on copy / clipboard feature is insane. absolute silly. horrible idea. CTRL + G Click "copy" button Horrible Bell & Whistle -- New password on click??? No reason. It doesn't even make any sense. What the hell does the Reload (or refresh) Icon even do? What is that icon to the right of it? How does any of that differ from the COPY button? Can I disable this useless feature?
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    Hello, I really like Enpass, but one very important feature is missing: allow to login into Desktop Applications like: Steam uPlay Game Launchers (like “Elite Dangerous” or “Star Citizen”) Database tools Admin tools etc Please add a way to log into applications by pressing the Assistant-Hotkey. To identify the correct application you may use the process name or (like KeePass) the window title (but this is not really secure). Here is the documentation about the Auto-Type feature KeePass: https://keepass.info/help/base/autotype.html KeePass protects the data while pasting using the Two-Channel Auto-Type Obfuscation: https://keepass.info/help/v2/autotype_obfuscation.html Best regards OLLI
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    Hi @Benqer, We regret the inconvenience and understand that you’re facing issues with OneDrive sync. Please follow the below steps to restore the sync: Take a manual backup of the data on both the devices. Disconnect the sync on all devices. Remove the folders Enpass and Enpass1 on OneDrive account. Log in to the site https://account.live.com/consent/Manage with the same Microsoft account and delete all the permissions for Enpass. Re-set up the sync with OneDrive on all the devices and check. If the issue persists, please let us know.
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    I have the impression that the Enpass team is sleeping. Almost nothing happens here. No bug fixes, no promised changes take place, no updates and no real improvements for a long time. The developers will only talk and that the fee will be collected every month... Some examples: Where are the common templates? Why I can't still create templates from entries? Why hasn't the bug with the ghost sections that cannot be deleted been fixed for more than 6 months? Why Enpass is working with a PIN after restarting my smartphone? 1Password requires the master password for security reasons. The Enpass team promised to change that months ago. Where is the option to use fingerprint and PIN at the same time? When will there finally be a new independent audit? This has been promised for more than a year! If you are also dissatisfied, please answer this complaint with "+1".
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    Thanks - you're right that I had All Vaults selected. After choosing a single vault I could then move the item. There is a kind of logic in how it works now, but it's somewhat counter-intuitive. I'm glad I can move items though it was becoming an obstacle. Cheers
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    I got a new phone and had to repurchase Enpass for it. Then I was allowed to open my computer's backup file via wifi. So the process is there if you want to buy it and start all over again. But I see no way to simply update any changes over wifi. The fix can't possibly be that difficult and I don't remotely believe it's a priority at this point.
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    Hey @MicroJam, I understand you guys have been waiting for this feature since long. I assure you that the feature of "WiFi sync" is already in our priority list however, at the moment I can't assure you any ETA. Thanks for your co-operation.
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    isn't there anyone from the dev-team, who read that and want's us to keep up to date , hmm ?! are you serious? don't you care about that?
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    I agree completely. I keep checking back to see if wifi sync has been implemented. I'd like to move away from 1Password... but without wifi sync... can't do it
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    Just want to know if possible to have enpass integration with Alfred App like the other password manager ? I think it would be a good move for enpass because enpass will develop better branding as well as better feature for Mac OS customer. Thank You
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