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  1. Hey @Garima Singh Thank you for sharing that the feature to edit web-form mapping has been implemented & I'm really happy to hear that. I'm on Enpass v6.6.1 (store and win32) however I cannot seem to find the appropriate settings to edit a web-form after it has been mapped. I haven't found anything in the manual on the website or its pdf version either.
  2. Hey! Sorry for nagging, any update on this feature?
  3. Password manager could use more options like using characters which are not on most common the keyboard eg. ₹, £, €, µ, ¢, ¥, ©, °, • etc. Also, there should be an option for pronounceable passwords with common characters to be replaced by ₹, £, €, µ, ¢, ¥, ©, °, • etc.
  4. I have seen some other password managers being able to change password with one click. Please try to implement this. Example
  5. Yeah, I faced this as well. Would be great if Enpass could show up as a 2FA app on Android.
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