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  1. I see now that the option to export to a CSV file has been replaced by export to JSON file instead, which solves the problem I described in this thread. The only question now is how best to handle a JSON file (if I should ever need to)
  2. I have the same problem here - the GUI looks a mess now
  3. When I choose to Duplicate an item "A" the result is a copy "B" but with extra fields added (from some template I guess) which I had deleted as unwanted in "A" and with all the new fields I had added in "A" appearing in the wrong order in "B" and with sections changed back to (presumably) some template version. I want duplicates to be duplicates please, not messed up copies.
  4. Hi, I don't intend to use Export to CSV regularly, but in case I ever should need it I tested it. As for Import, I haven't used yet but it has possibilities for feeding in quantities of items quickly. But - different countries have different conventions for the decimal separator. Those I have encountered are full-stop and comma. Here (in Sweden) the comma is the decimal separator and appears in decimal values in Excel spreadsheets. Obviously using comma in CSV files would be a disaster here. A colon is a good alternative. In fact, saving Excel sheets to CSV files here uses the colon as default (not even sure I can change it) Please can we have the option to choose the separator ourselves when Exporting and Importing. Regards; David
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