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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply. The reason I have the sync folder on a webdav server is so that both my PC and my phone can sync to the same data. So using a local folder will not help me. I have a workaround by using a separate VPN connection to the sever to get around the network fault.
  2. HI, Today I have the situation which causes the problem. I have internet connection, but access to the backup is not available due to a network issue (a VPN connection is down) When I click on the Enpass icon to start the program, the window opens but remains blank. Just a frame with title, and all white inside. The mouse pointer is a small blue rotating circle. It remains like this for about 3 minutes then finally proceeds to the "Master password" prompt. After logging in the program opens fine and shows the available entries. Checking the sync status shows, as expected, "Sync Error, please check your internet connection and try again". So it seems that when there is no Internet connection the program skips syncing and goes on to open the program, but when Internet connection is present and the sync server is unavailable you have a rather long timeout before giving up and asking for Master password. I've looked for a recent log file but so far haven't found one.
  3. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I just tested again with both app on Android and desktop app on Windows10, with Internet access off - and both worked fine with no delay (sync showing "red" as expected). I think the situation when I encountered the delay was that I had Internet connectivity but the server itself was inaccessible. That is a little harder for me to reproduce. I'll try that a bit later.
  4. When I fist start Enpass on my computer it appears to do an automatic sync with the file on my cloud storage. It does this before opening the database and allowing and showing the contents. The problem is that whenever the computer doesn't have Internet access I have to wait a couple of minutes before the sync times-out and the database opens and allows me to see the entries. It may be a relatively short time, but when you are busy and need information in a hurry it seems like a very long irritating wait. Is it possible to either turn off the auto-sync on startup or have it run in the background so as not to block the opening of the database?
  5. I see now that the option to export to a CSV file has been replaced by export to JSON file instead, which solves the problem I described in this thread. The only question now is how best to handle a JSON file (if I should ever need to)
  6. I have the same problem here - the GUI looks a mess now
  7. When I choose to Duplicate an item "A" the result is a copy "B" but with extra fields added (from some template I guess) which I had deleted as unwanted in "A" and with all the new fields I had added in "A" appearing in the wrong order in "B" and with sections changed back to (presumably) some template version. I want duplicates to be duplicates please, not messed up copies.
  8. Hi, I don't intend to use Export to CSV regularly, but in case I ever should need it I tested it. As for Import, I haven't used yet but it has possibilities for feeding in quantities of items quickly. But - different countries have different conventions for the decimal separator. Those I have encountered are full-stop and comma. Here (in Sweden) the comma is the decimal separator and appears in decimal values in Excel spreadsheets. Obviously using comma in CSV files would be a disaster here. A colon is a good alternative. In fact, saving Excel sheets to CSV files here uses the colon as default (not even sure I can change it) Please can we have the option to choose the separator ourselves when Exporting and Importing. Regards; David
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