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  1. I have this problem also with Firefox and Windows 11. Edit: I've since tried restarting Firefox, and its working so far. I'm not sure what broke it to begin with.
  2. For you guys still having trouble. Have you tried rebooting? Have you tried updating the Microsoft Store? First close Enpass, if it's running.
  3. If I can't be assured that this doesn't happen again, then I'm done with Enpass. This is simply not good enough for a password manager. We shouldn't need to rely on Windows store validation to access our passwords. I thought that the big feature of Enpass was that you could store your data offline and back it up to where you want. But now we're being held to ransom. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
  4. Same here. I didn't see this thread at first. I posted about it over here. This is not good news. If its a password manager, you need to be able to rely on it.
  5. Hi. Something has gone wrong with Enpass today on my computers. It think it might be related to the latest Microsoft Store update. Below is the full error message.
  6. That seems to have worked. Thank you, Discordant.
  7. Thanks for adding that additional information, Alan.
  8. Hi Gulshan. Thanks for your reply, but I don't think that is a very good solution. Also. I couldn't follow the extensions settings link instructions.
  9. After a recent Enpass update, I started getting this when signing into sites in my browser. Is there any way that I can make it less intrusive or smaller?
  10. There is something wrong with the latest version in regards to the autofill popup. Every time I log in to a site, Enpass pops up unnecessarily even though I already have the login details pre-filled from my browser. I am using Firefox. I am not sure if it happens with other browsers. Edit: I have just had an update to v6.72.886.0, and my problem appears to be gone.
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