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  1. I am still having the issue. The Enpass icon will appear on my keyboard but only autofill email address and not password. Apps I'm having issues with are: Reddit Amazon My Enpass Version
  2. @Abhishek Dewan and @Manish Chokwal Happy New Year! Is there an update on this issue?
  3. I am having this issue on Pixel 7 Pro with Enpass version
  4. I agree with others users about the concerns with PD sharing. I moved from Google Chrome password manager to Enpass because of privacy concerns and I would move to another PM if you are selling our data. Can we have the option to opt-out of sharing the data? Thank you!
  5. I am experiencing the same issue. I have Enpass linked up with my OneDrive across multiple platforms (iOS, Windows PC, and Android). I recently changed my password on OneDrive and the issue appeared to start at that time. Later when I performed the tasks stated previously (disconnect OneDrive from all devices) I getting an error that states the "Master Password is incorrect". Please advise!
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