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  1. Hi, I have annual subscription. I had yearly first year subscription at Rs 40 and from second year onward it was supposed to be Rs 80 per year. But now I have a notice in Google account saying my renewal price is Rs 320 per year. I have attached a snap shot of Google account notice. I need to know why this change? And I want my renewal price to revert back to initially agreed price. - Vijayakrishnan V
  2. Hi Mr Sharma, Thanks for the response. But its disappointing. //Users cannot see the crash report; it is only accessible to our developers.// Isn't this what we have pointed out. You are restating my question and saying that is the answer. Moreover, Enpass neither shows us the report so that we can be confident no confidential information is part of it. Nor Enpass allow us an option to save it for future reference from your end. But you are asking me to send the report again. Where from will I get the crash report? There is some basic flaw in the way this problem resolution process is working. Anyway, I don't know this back and forth communication is going to help at all. Thanks.
  3. Hi Mr Sharma, Thanks for quick response. I don't see any 'Enable logs' option, in neither 'Browser' section no anywhere else.
  4. Hi, I am a new user. Just couple of weeks old. I have yearly subscription. Enpass crashed today for me. I had closed the app and it stays in the sys tray. All these while I click once, the assistant will open. Today I clicked once, it did not open. Then I clicked twice. It cashed. I have also sent a crash report. My questions... 1. Why does it crash? And can you solve it? 2. Why are you just showing a sample crash report instead of the actual report you are sending from my end? Thanks. Vijayakrishnan
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