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  1. Looks good on my side as well. Everything between colleagues via nextcloud seems to sync correctly again.
  2. I tried it out and sent the report+log. I cannot even setup my other vaults. After having the first configured, I always get login/password errors by setting up others. I may also find another issue. If you have to many failed logins on nextcloud, your login gets throttled up to 30 seconds. Looks like Enpass is then running into a login timeout and shows it as wrong credentials. Do you run into a timeout on your side? This even adds up login attempts on nextcloud. This has also an effect to all other usages of nextcloud coming from the same IP.
  3. I do not have Windows as well. Just Mac and iOS
  4. Good to hear. Let me know, if further support is needed or if you need more information.
  5. This is quite anoying. Since march somethings seems to be broken. Also I do not understand, why Enpass seems to change a vault password to the webdav password or to something else. We use Enpass for a long time now and also use webdav for sharing various vaults for department passwords. this is no more working. As soon as somebody changed back the password from the vault an did a fresh sync, all others are locked out. As soon as I resync with my iphone, the mac version is also locked out. Always with the same data errors. The vault seems to have a whatever other password then, which couldn't be accessed anymore. They messed up something really heavily in webdav. I also filed a bug report on that already. But didn't get any answer at all.
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