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  1. There are some special apps such as several banks’ apps which aren’t compatible with autofill  feature on ios device. For these apps, shortcus automation may be a good solution. 

    To add such an automation, we can add a personal automation with single app opened as a trigger. 

    we consume that enpass have already been compatible with it, and then we add enpass new feature, then notification, to show informations whatever we want for this app.

     In order to watch information for a long time, go to setting-notification-enpass, add banners and change style to persistent. 

  2. On 10/8/2020 at 7:21 PM, Bob___ said:


    Even with a TPM 2.0 compatible chip Windows Hello does not work directly when starting Enpass (Store Version 6.5.0 (700)) I still have to login with my password once and after that (if Enpass is not used for a while) I can login with Windows Hello. But this was possible before I plugged the TPM chip on my motherboard and activated it.

    I can only confirm what the previous users have already written, that in all other use cases Windows Hello works without problems.


    My request to the Enpass team: Please check the implementation of this feature again. Maybe there has to be a compatibility check with other TPM chips after all.


    Agree with you! Look my pics.

    Snipaste_2020-10-10_15-39-04.png.6df2614f058d7b3b6f7d858e1ca125d8.pngChinese interface of TPM version 2.0 in device manager of control panel

    Snipaste_2020-10-10_15-43-34.png.59686f836708f8ed088fa3ead991d77a.pngAnd the prompt under windowshello setting was not supposed to be which it should be.

  3. The lastest steam totp request was submitted two years ago, but the reply template is just Perfunctory which we will see anywhere in the forum or auto-reply emails. That's not just , and I have emailed to their address and asked for the feature , but nothing happened.

    And today I submit it again.


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